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Behavioral Sciences

Theories of Mood and Cognition-A User's Guidebook

Editor : Leonard L. Martin, Gerald L. Clore
Master eBook ISBN10: 1410605736
Master eBook ISBN13: 978-1-410-60573-3
No of pages : 231
eBook Price : $53.95
(Price includes all sales taxes where applicable)
Originally Published : Jun 17, 2013
Approaching the topic from a social psychological viewpoint, this book provides a forum for some currently active theorists to provide concise descriptions of their models in a way that addresses four of the most central issues in the field: How does affect influence memory, judgment, information processing, and creativity? Each presentation includes a concise description of the theory's underlying assumptions, an application of these assumptions to the four central issues, and some answers to questions posed by the other theorists.

Thus, in one volume, the reader is presented with a single authoritative source for current theories of affect and information processing and is given a chance to "listen in" on a conversation among the theorists in the form of questions and answers related to each theory. Students and researchers alike will benefit from the clarity and brevity of this volume.

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