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Perspectives on Behavioral Self-Regulation-Advances in Social Cognition, Volume XII

Editor : Robert S. Wyer, Jr.
Master eBook ISBN10: 1410601188
Master eBook ISBN13: 978-1-410-60118-6
No of pages : 319
eBook Price : $61.95
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Originally Published : Dec 6, 2012
The feedback model of self-regulation developed by the authors of the lead article in this volume has been one of the most successful theoretical formulations of regulatory processes to date. The range of phenomena to which this framework potentially applies is evident from its ability to incorporate implications of other conceptualizations as diverse as catastrophe theory and dynamic systems theory. The diversity of issues and approaches dealt with by Carver and Scheier is matched by the companion articles, which are written from perspectives ranging across developmental psychology, cognitive science, clinical psychology, and organizational decision making, as well as mainstream social cognition.

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