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Religion and Tourism-Crossroads, Destinations and Encounters

Author : Michael Stausberg
Master eBook ISBN10: 0203854780
Master eBook ISBN13: 978-0-203-85478-5
No of pages : 298
eBook Price : $47.95
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Originally Published : Nov 12, 2012

This book explores the dynamic interaction between religion and tourism in the modern world. It considers questions such as:

  • do travellers leave their religion at home when they are touring and what happens if not?
  • what are the relationships between tourism and pilgrimage?
  • what happens to religious performances, places and festivals that function as tourism attractions?

Other chapters examine religious theme parks, wellness and spa tourism, the roles played by tourist guides, guidebooks and religious souvenirs, and the role of tourism as a major arena of religious encounters in the contemporary world. Surveying the growing body of work in the field, Michael Stausberg argues that tourism should be a major focus of research within religious studies.

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