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The Effective Organization-Practical Application of Complexity Theory and Organizational Design to Maximize Performance in the Face of Emerging Events.

Author : Dennis Tafoya
Master eBook ISBN10: 0-203-85007-6
Master eBook ISBN13: 978-0-203-85007-7
No of pages : 312
eBook Price : $56.95
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Originally Published : 14 Jun 2010
Performance is why organizations exist. Through performance organizations meet the needs of internal and external stakeholders as defined by their mission, goals and objectives. This is true for all organizations. Complexity theory, a tool used to examine the nature of dynamic systems like organizations, can contribute to our understanding of organizations and ways to improve their performance. Using unique typologies describing organizations, events that effect organizations and the fundamental structure for organizations are presented to enable the forecasting of an organization's capacity to manage different events as they emerge and how behavior organizes around these events. Academicians studying organizations and practitioners interested in improving them can use this information to facilitate baseline, descriptive thinking and analysis or more sophisticated examinations aimed at understanding the dynamic nature of organizations as fully functioning systems. In the end what's presented is not limited, theoretical discussions but ways to efficiently talk about an individual organization's profile or competencies within a class of, or in contrast to, other organizations.

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