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Exploring Well-being in Schools-

Author : John Peter White
Master eBook ISBN10: 0203815548
Master eBook ISBN13: 978-0-203-81554-0
No of pages : 161
eBook Price : $38.95
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Originally Published : Mar 14, 2011

Can we teach others how to lead a fulfilling life? The notion of personal well-being has recently shot up the political and educational agendas, placing the child's well-being at the heart of the school's task.

With his renowned talent for distilling the most complex of philosophical arguments into accessible laymen's terms, John White addresses the maze of issues surrounding well-being, bringing clarity to this dissension and confusion. This accessible book expertly guides you through the conflicting perspectives on well-being found in the educational world by

* Examining religious and secular views of human fulfilment and of a meaningful life.

* Analysing the appeal of celebrity, wealth and consumerism to so

many of our children.

* Asking what role pleasure, success, autonomy, work,

life-planning and worthwhile activities play in children's flourishing.

* Showing how proposals to encourage children's well-being impact on schools' aims and learning arrangements.

Whether you have little background in education and philosophy or are reading as a teacher, student or policy maker, this engaging book will take you right to the heart of these critical issues. It will leave you with a sharply-focused picture of a remodelled educational system fit for our new millennium, committed to helping every child to enjoy a fulfilling life.

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