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Public Policy and Higher Education-Reframing Strategies for Preparation, Access, and Success

Author : Edward P. St. John, Nathan Daun-Barnett, Karen M. Moronski-Chapman
Master eBook ISBN10: 0203805402
Master eBook ISBN13: 978-0-203-80540-4
No of pages : 349
eBook Price : $45.95
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Originally Published : Nov 27, 2012

Amid changing economic and social contexts, radical changes have occurred in public higher education policies over the past three decades. Public Policy and Higher Education provides readers with new ways to analyze these complex state policies and offers the tools to examine how policies affect students' access and success in college. Rather than arguing for a single approach, the authors examine how policymakers and higher education administrators can work to inform and influence change within systems of higher education using research-based evidence along with consideration of political and historical values and beliefs.

Special Features:

  • Case Studiesallow readers to examine strategies used by different types of colleges to improve access and retention.
  • Reflective Exercisesencourage readers to discuss state and campus context for policy decisions and to think about the strategies used in a state or institution.
  • Approachable Explanationsunpack complex public policies and financial strategies for readers who seek understanding of public policy in higher education.

  • Research-Based Recommendationsexplore how policymakers, higher education administrators and faculty can work together to improve quality, diversity, and financial stewardship.

This textbook is an invaluable resource for graduate students, administrators, policymakers, and researchers who seek to learn more about the crucial contexts underlying policy decisions and college access.

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