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Socialism and Social Science (Routledge Revivals)-Selected Writings of Ervin Szab (1877-1918)

Editor : György Litván, János Bak
Master eBook ISBN10: 0203802365
Master eBook ISBN13: 978-0-203-80236-6
No of pages : 227
eBook Price : $49.95
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Originally Published : Nov 12, 2012

The essays and letters of Ervin Szab (1877-1918) present proof of his critical insight into Marxist theory and of his perceptive analysis of socialism around the turn of the century. His ideals of an engaged social science and an enlightened socialism, his preoccupation with the socialist future, are still relevant today.

The writings selected in this work, first published in 1982, are primarily those which address themselves to general issues of the European working-class movement and socialist theory, but there are also a few pieces that characterize the intellectual and political climate of early twentieth-century Budapest. Szab was one of the theoretical leaders of a whole generation of progressive thinkers from Oscar Jaz through Karl and Michael Polnyi to Georg Lukcs and many others. The almost insurmountable conflict between theory and practice that characterized Ervin Szabo's life remains a problem that has to be solved by engaged intellectuals whatever the time and place. Background notes and an introduction by the editors help to place the writings in their historical and political context.

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