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Self Experiences in Group, Revisited-Affective Attachments, Intersubjective Regulations, and Human Understanding

Editor : Irene Harwood, Walter Stone, Malcolm Pines
Master eBook ISBN10: 0203119347
Master eBook ISBN13: 978-0-203-11934-1
No of pages : 289
eBook Price : $47.95
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Originally Published : May 4, 2012

Since the publication of Self Experiences in Group in 1998 the first book to apply self psychology and intersubjectivity to group work there have been tremendous advancements in the areas of affect, attachment, infant research, intersubjective regulation, motivational theory, neurobiology, philosophy, somatic understanding, and trauma.

Carefully edited by Irene Harwood, Walter Stone, and Malcolm Pines, Self Experiences in Group, Revisited is a completely revised and updated application of self psychological and intersubjective perspectives to couples, family, and group work, incorporating many of these recent findings and theories of the past decade. Divided into five sections, the contributors take an updated approach to the prenate and neonate in group; couples and the family in group; group theory, technique, and application; working with trauma; and group processes and artistic applications.

Throughout, the reader is engaged in affectively understanding what is experienced by individuals in the regulation and dysregulation of self as part of the interpersonal relating, learning, and change that can occur in groups.

Contributors: Mary Dluhy, Barbara Feld, Darryl Feldman, Vivian Gold, Irene Harwood, Gloria Batkin Kahn, Joseph Lichtenberg, Louisa Livingston, Marty Livingston, Jane van Loon, Judy McLaughlin Ryan, Malcolm Pines, John Schlapobersky, Robert Schulte, Rosemary Segalla, Emanuel Shapiro, Walter Stone, Paula Thomson

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