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Social Sciences

Social and Moral Theory in Casework (Routledge Revivals)-

Author : Raymond Plant
Master eBook ISBN10: 0-203-09227-9
Master eBook ISBN13: 978-0-203-09227-9
No of pages : 116
eBook Price : $54.95
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Originally Published : 15 Jul 2009
First published in 1970, the aim of the book is to 'map the logical geography' of an important set of concepts which enter into the theory of social casework - those concerning the individual and society. Concepts examined include the individually orientated values of 'self-direction' and 'acceptance', and those of 'role', 'adjustment' and 'integration', which express the individual's relation to society. The author's main concern is to see whether a coherent theory of the relationship between individual and society can be given in terms of these concepts and to argue that such a theory is fundamental to casework discussion.
Mr Plant also discusses what, if any, social or political commitments the activity of casework presupposes, and evaluates the view that casework is 'apolitical'.

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