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Science and the Construction of Women (RLE Feminist Theory)-

Editor : Mary Maynard
Master eBook ISBN10: 020308487X
Master eBook ISBN13: 978-0-203-08487-8
No of pages : 202
eBook Price : $105
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Originally Published : Nov 12, 2012

Science and the Construction of Women is a multi-disciplinary exploration of the major questions currently challenging feminist scholars of science. The authors ask key questions: What constitutes science? How have feminists investigated it? How does science construct women? How can we create a feminist discourse of science? Are the current developments to women's advantage or disadvantage? Their answers draw on material from a wide range of natural scientific, humanities and social science sources, critically examining theoretical approaches from the postmodern to the materialist to the cyborgian.

A key argument of the book is that there are strong intellectual and pragmatic reasons " the rapid development of information technology, advances in fertility treatment and genetic engineering, feminist concern for environmental issues " why feminism must rigorously engage with issues of a scientific and technological nature. Science and the Construction of Women provides an important contribution to the opening-up and broadening of debate in the field.

This book will be an important text for students of gender and women's studies, and science studies. It is also designed to be read by feminists both inside and outside the academy and to appeal to all those with interests in the sociology of knowledge and the history of ideas.

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