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Yes We Can?-White Racial Framing and the Obama Presidency

Author : Adia Harvey-Wingfield, Joe Feagin
Master eBook ISBN10: 020307873X
Master eBook ISBN13: 978-0-203-07873-0
No of pages : 305
eBook Price : $35.95
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Originally Published : Jan 17, 2013

The first edition of this book offered one of the first social science analyses of Barack Obama's historic electoral campaigns and early presidency. In this second edition the authors extend that analysis to Obama's service in the presidency and to his second campaign to hold that presidency. Elaborating on the concept of the white racial frame, Harvey Wingfield and Feagin assess in detail the ways white racial framing was deployed by the principal characters in the electoral campaigns and during Obama's presidency. With much relevant data, this book counters many commonsense assumptions about U.S. racial matters, politics, and institutions, particularly the notion that Obama's presidency ushered in a major post-racial era. Readers will find this fully revised and updated book distinctively valuable because it relies on sound social science analysis to assess numerous events and aspects of this historic campaign.

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