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The Battle for Tolmers Square (Routledge Revivals)-

Author : Nick Wates
Master eBook ISBN10: 0203075528
Master eBook ISBN13: 978-0-203-07552-4
No of pages : 245
eBook Price : $46.95
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Originally Published : Jan 17, 2013

First published in 1976, this book tells of the dramatic struggle between tenants groups, community associations, students, squatters, intellectuals, political parties, and property developers at Tolmers Square in north London. The author describes how property developers, interested only in maximising profits, attempted to redevelop the Tolmers area for offices, while the local authority, pressurised by local tenants and faced with a housing shortage, tried to redevelop for housing. This book is about the politics of central city redevelopment.

Although this text focuses on one particular case study, the same processes operate in all cities where land is used as a commodity for financial speculation. By tracing the Tolmers case in detail, this text demonstrates the forces which operate in city redevelopment, and shows the affect which various forms of opposition can have.

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